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BACKGROUND The Republic of Macedonia (RoM) has experienced a rapid rise in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) over the past 2 decades, a period characterized by significant social, political, and economic change. RoM now has one of the highest rates of diabetes in Europe. OBJECTIVES To explore the modifiable conditions that may underlie and(More)
The clinical material summarized is derived from the observation of 150 patients. The accent is put on the faults in the X-ray interpretation of the pneumothorax and on the mistaken tactics in the treatment of the pneumothorax, which led to four lethal cases. The attention is drawn to the importance of the prompt physical study of traumatic patients, which(More)
The authors studied 127 patients, divided into 4 groups, relating to the haemorrhage stage in accordance with the classification of Lutsevich. It has been established that there exist changes in the hydroelectrolytic and protein balance of the patients having acute gastrointestinal ulcerative haemorrhage.
Eleven patients with traumatic rupture of the spleen were subjected to splenectomy and autotransplantation of part of the spleen. The technique of the operation is described: 5--20% of the spleen is incised into transversal slices of 2--3 mm of thickness which are placed along the periphery of omentum majus, they are enveloped in it and are studied. The(More)
Thirty-three patients with Mallory-Weiss syndrome have been treated at the Clinic of Emergency Surgery in Sofia for a period of 11 years (1980-1990). According to treatment and outcome they were classified as follows: conservative treatment--7 patients, electrocoagulation--16, sclerosing procedure--10, successful endoscopic hemostasis--17, emergency(More)