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— In this paper we present an ink-jet printed coplanar waveguide (CPW) inductors in flexible technology. We show design, fabrication, characterization and measurement technique of such devices. This is solution for ultra low-cost mass production. CPW inductors were developed as a technology for much simpler and faster fabrication on/in plastic foil.(More)
In this paper design of 125 kHz RFID antenna is presented. The optimization and improvement of electrical characteristics, including inductance and Q-factor, is also discussed. Designed RFID antenna is part of the ID card, which has standard ISO ID1. It consists of two spiral coils in two layers. Comparison of antenna in flexible and PCB technology is(More)
Noise generated by a logic gate in a simple digital circuit is considered in this paper. Appropriate circuit design and usage of electromagnetic interference (EMI) components are methods intended to suppress noise radiation by reducing/eliminating the noise flowing through conductive lines. Because of that, commercially available ferrite component is tested(More)
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