Aleksandar M. Bakic

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Researchers and practitioners in the area of parallel and distributed computing have been lacking a portable, flexible and robust distributed instrumentation system. We present the Baseline Reduced Instrumentation System Kernel (BRISK) that we have developed as a part of a realtime system instrumentation and performance visualization project. The design is(More)
We present a new software technology for on-line performance analysis and visualization of complex parallel and distributed systems. Often heterogeneous, these systems need capabilities for flexible integration and configuration of performance analysis and visualization. Our technology is based on an object-oriented framework for rapid prototyping and(More)
This paper models and evaluates the Jewel instrumentation system (IS), which is being used for runtime data collection from a distributed, real-time application. Our modeling and evaluation effort addresses two objectives: (1) providing early feedback to the system developers regarding the Jewel IS configuration options for this application; and (2)(More)
We present a compiler-based approach to the design and engineering of complex realtime systems. The systems are built from computation, communication and I/O subsystems, based on different extant real-time models and schemes. We have defined a high-level system specification language, called Real-Time System Markup Language (RTSML), for integration of(More)
Emerging parallel or distributed, heterogeneous real-time computer systems with many disparate constraints and requirements would benefit from a unifying and comprehensive systems engineering support in the design, testing and deployment phases, which interfaces with a human at a very high level and efficiently handles the system complexity. We present an(More)
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