Aleksandar Krastev

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BACKGROUND Length of postnatal hospital stay has declined dramatically in the past thirty years. There is ongoing controversy concerning whether or not staying less time in hospital is harmful or beneficial. OBJECTIVES The objective of this review was to assess the safety, impact and effectiveness of a policy of early discharge for healthy mothers and(More)
The paper presents a "design and simulation of gesture"-based model to support education of children with hearing problems. To engage the child's attention and control their own learning according to the individual skills, a framework is proposed for interaction with an artificial hand in the form of a game with rewards for correct answers. The(More)
The paper discusses the seasonal dynamics of nutrients and oxygen during the period 1995-1998 in comparison to the previous periods. This study is based on monthly and seasonally monitoring in the 3-20 n. m. zone along the Bulgarian Black Sea area. The investigation reveals certain shifting of seasonal maximums (minimums) and a trend of decreasing oxygen(More)
Ethosuximide is a drug used for the treatment of absence seizures. Its prolonged application leads to gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances. The purpose of the present study was to determine the severity and nature of the disturbances, as well as the influence exerted upon them by neostigmine methylsulfate and metoclopramide. The drug-induced alterations,(More)
Ozone is one of the main air pollutants with harmful influence over human health. Therefore, predicting the ozone concentration and informing the population when the air quality standards have been exceeded is an important task. In this paper, firstand high-order Gaussian process models for 1-hour ahead prediction of ozone concentration in the air of(More)
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