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In a recent Letter we discussed the fact that large-N expansions and computer simulations indicate that the universality class of the finite temperature chiral symmetry restoration transition in the 3D Gross-Neveu model is mean field theory. This was seen to be a counterexample to the standard 'sigma model' scenario which predicts the 2D Ising model(More)
We argue that theories with fundamental fermions which undergo chiral symmetry breaking have several universal features which are qualitatively different than those of theories with fundamental scalars. Several bounds on the critical indices δ and η follow. We observe that in four dimensions the logarithmic scaling violations enter into the Equation of(More)
Finite size scaling studies of monopole condensation in noncompact quenched lattice QED indicate an authentic second order phase transition lying in the uni-versality class of four dimensional percolation. Since the upper critical dimension of percolation is six, the measured critical indices are far from mean-field values. We propose a simple set of ratios(More)
We simulate four flavor noncompact lattice QED using the Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm on 10 4 and 16 4 lattices. Measurements of the monopole susceptibility and the percolation order parameter indicate a transition at β = 1/e 2 = .205(5) with critical behavior in the universality class of four dimensional percolation. We present accurate chiral condensate(More)