Aleksandar Ivic

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We investigate the pointwise and mean square order of the function Z 2 (s), where Z k (s) = ∞ 1 |ζ(1 2 + ix)| 2k x −s dx, k ∈ N. Three conjectures involving Z 2 (s) and certain exponential sums of Hecke series in short intervals are formulated, which have important consequences in zeta-function theory. A new order result for Z 2 (s) is obtained, and the(More)
Bacterial Cpn60 proteins (homologues to the Escherichia coli GroEL protein) are often examined for function by testing their ability to complement a temperature sensitive mutation in the E. coli groEL gene. Such tests suffer from two drawbacks: the Cpn600 protein may come from a strain with a lower optimum growth temperature than E. coli, and the(More)
For a fixed integer k ≥ 3, and fixed 1 2 < σ < 1 we consider T 1 |ζ(σ + it)| 2k dt = ∞ n=1 d 2 k (n)n −2σ T + R(k, σ; T), where R(k, σ; T) = o(T) (T → ∞) is the error term in the above asymptotic formula. Hitherto the sharpest bounds for R(k, σ; T) are derived in the range min(β k , σ * k) < σ < 1. We also obtain new mean value results for the zeta-function(More)
We obtain, for T ε ≤ U = U(T) ≤ T 1/2−ε , asymptotic formulas for Z 2T T (E(t + U) − E(t)) 2 dt, Z 2T T (∆(t + U) − ∆(t)) 2 dt, where ∆(x) is the error term in the classical divisor problem, and E(T) is the error term in the mean square formula for |ζ(1 2 + it)|. Upper bounds of the form O ε (T 1+ε U 2) for the above integrals with biquadrates instead of(More)
Several estimates for the convolution function C[f (x)] := x 1 f (y)f (x/y)(dy/y) and its iterates are obtained when f (x) is a suitable number-theoretic error term. We deal with the case of the asymptotic formula for T 0 |ζ(1/2 + it)| 2k dt (k = 1, 2), the general Dirichlet divisor problem, the problem of nonisomorphic Abelian groups of given order, and(More)
Polypeptide and Western immunoblot profiles of subcellular fractions of Treponema denticola ATCC 33520 have been determined by SDS-PAGE of Triton X-100-soluble and -insoluble fractions, a lipopolysaccharide-enriched fraction and purified flagella. Major Triton X-100-soluble polypeptides of 72, 68, 54 and 52 kDa were detected. The 54 kDa polypeptide appeared(More)