Aleksandar Bajic

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Ecto-5'-nucleotidase (e-5NT) is a cell-surface located, rate-limiting enzyme in the extracellular metabolism of ATP, catalyzing the final step of the conversion of AMP to adenosine. Since this enzyme shifts the balance from pro-inflammatory ATP to anti-inflammatory adenosine, it is considered to be an important regulator of inflammation. Although(More)
Nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases (NTPDases) are ecto-enzymes catalyzing the first step of sequential hydrolysis of extracellular ATP to adenosine, as the final product. Among eight members of NTPDase family, NTPDases1–3 have been shown to be expressed in the brain. Although altered NTPDase expression has been observed in relation to cell death(More)
Thyroid hormone (TH) receptors (TRs α and β) are homologous ligand-dependent transcription factors (TFs). While the TRs display distinct actions in development, metabolic regulation and other processes, comparisons of TRα and TRβ dependent gene regulation mostly reveal similar mechanisms of action and few TR subtype specific genes. Here, we show that TRα(More)
Different forms of synaptic plasticity in the cerebellum expressed at the synapses onto Purkinje cells (PCs) are mediated by membrane metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs). There are three main mGluR groups with a total of 8 subtypes. Although mGluRs are also found at the climbing fiber (CF) to PC synapses, the distribution and biological activity of(More)
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