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The party politics of euroscepticism in EU member and candidate states
This paper present results of research into party-based Euroscepticism in twenty-five countries. After offering a conceptualisation of Euroscepticism and of two different forms of it, the paper maps
Theorising Party-Based Euroscepticism: Problems of Definition, Measurement and Causality
This paper seeks to address and move forward the debate on these two controversial theoretical issues. It surveys the current Literature and attempts to draw conclusions in terms of where the debate
Party rules, party resources and the politics of parliamentary democracies
This article introduces the first findings of the Political Party Database Project, a major survey of party organizations in parliamentary and semi-presidential democracies. The project’s first round
Contemporary Euroscepticism in the party systems of the European Union candidate states of Central and Eastern Europe
This article examines party-based Euroscepticism in the candidate states of Central and Eastern Europe. In an attempt to develop comparative lessons from the different cases, it presents research
Europeanisation, euroscepticism and party systems: Party‐based euroscepticism in the candidate states of Central and Eastern Europe
Abstract In this article, we assume that we can usefully examine the emergence of party‐based Euroscepticism in the party systems of the candidate states and that we can account for (some of) the
Polish Public Opinion: Explaining Declining Support for EU Membership
This article examines the changing patterns of support for EU membership in Poland, the largest of the central and east European applicant states. It argues that we should not be surprised that Poles
Opposing Europe? The Comparative Party Politics of Euroscepticism: Volume 1: Case Studies and Country Surveys
The project of European integration now spans Europe, but in becoming bigger and broader the European Union has brought on itself significant criticism. As the EU becomes deeper, wider, and more