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In recent years, evidence has been accumulated that metformin, an antidiabetic drug in the biguanide class, in addition to its well-recognized glucose-lowering effect, can also reduce cardiovascular mortality in the patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Besides, there are a few experimental studies on the possibility of the direct anti-ischemic(More)
The data obtained have shown that prenatal exposure of pregnant rat females of 9-19-day pregnancy to N-cholinolytics as compared to M-cholinolytics produce long-term behavioural changes in pubescent rat progeny. Pubescent rat progeny had low dynamics of gaining sexual experience and decreased sexual activity with equal disturbance of motivation and coitus.(More)
1.1 Thyrotoxicosis and thyrotoxic cardiomyopathy – Current state Thyrotoxicosis is a common syndrome, and according to the Wickham Survey its prevalence is 2% among women and 0.2% in men in the areas with normal iodine consumption. Over the 20-year follow-up the incidence of thyrotoxicosis was 0.8:1000 in women and 0.6:1000 in men (Bird et al,1977).(More)
The effect of metformin on myocardial sensitivity to ischemia in rats with neonatal streptozotocin T2DM was investigated using the model of global ischemia-reperfusion in the isolated perfused heart. Metformin administration had no effect on infarct size. At the same time, infarct size in T2DM was significantly lower than in controls, which is indicative of(More)
Type 2 diabetes (DM2) could be reproduced in rats with alimentary obesity by using low doses of streptozotocin (LD-STZ) as well as STZ in high doses with preliminary nicotinamide (NA) administration. However, STZ could induce tubulotoxicity. Aim. To develop rat model of DN in NA-STZ-induced DM2 and compare it with LD-STZ-model in order to choose the most(More)
Successful surgical treatment of acquired heart diseases supposes using newest methods of diagnostics, pharmacological therapy, dynamic control of correcting indicators, including energy situations of the myocardium and its venous outflow, immune status of the organism and its basis--the cell immunity, functional state of internal organs (liver, kidneys,(More)
A direct statistically reliable correction of decrease of the enzymes with the initial state of the patients has been established in an analysis of 25 patients aged from 18 to 60 years in prosthesis of+ the mitral valve (n-9) and closed mitral commissurotomy (n-16). The enzyme activity after prosthesis of+ the mitral valve was twice lower that after closed(More)
Intramuscular injections of dehydroepiandrosterone in a dose of 0.7 mg/kg for 10 days significantly increased nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions of androgen receptors in the preoptic/anterior hypothalamic area. Presumably, the effect of the neurosteroid is mediated by 5α-reductase transformation of dehydroepiandrosterone into 5α-dehydroepiandrosterone, which(More)
The hypogonadal status of hemigonadectomised male rats has been choseh as a model of age-related sexual function decline in animals. The effect of dipeptide Vilon on parameters of sexual function and neuroendocrine status was studied. The results showed that regular introduction of Vilon in a dose of 50 microg per rat activates sexual function in old male(More)