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The ultrastructure of oocyte and sperm nuclei was studied in mouse ovarian oocytes inseminated in vitro and cultured for 1 1/2 and 3 h in a medium containing dbcAMP or lacking the maturation inhibitor. In oocytes blocked at the germinal vesicle (GV) stage, certain maturation-linked changes were noted. Sperm apposition and sperm-oocyte fusion were similar to(More)
The aim of this study was to estimate how many blastomeres of the 4-cell mouse embryo contribute cells to the embryo proper and finally to the animal. To this end, 4-cell embryos of pigmented and albino genotypes were disaggregated and single blastomeres (henceforth called '1/4' or 'quarter' blastomeres) were reaggregated in the following combinations: one(More)
With the help of the technique of Sendai virus-mediated cell fusion, hybrid cells were produced between two maturing oocytes, between maturing oocytes or mature secondary oocytes and interphase blastomeres from 2-cell embryos, and between secondary oocytes and follicle cells (FC). In the first case giant oocytes form and in these the two groups of(More)
bc Alek Tarkowski c (a) Kennisland.nl; (b) Institute for Information Law (IViR); (c) Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska Abstract In 2013 the European Union amended the Directive on Public Sector Information, establishing the principle that all available information produced and collected by public sector institutions must be made available for reuse under open(More)
The activation of M-phase promoting factor (MPF) in one-cell mouse embryo is independent from the nucleus. Other autonomous phenomena include the cortical activity observed at the end of the first cell cycle and the reorganization of the microtubule network. Here, we observed that the autonomous control of MPF activation is present also in two-cell mouse(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the behaviour of sperm nuclei in the cytoplasm of the 2-cell mouse embryo. To this end, we produced hybrids between anucleate fertilised oocyte fragments and blastomeres of the 2-cell embryos. When sperm nuclei at the stage of decondensation or recondensation were introduced into blastomeres the development of male(More)
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