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A nanoparticle delivery system termed dynamic magnetic shift (DMS) has the potential to more effectively treat metastatic cancer by equilibrating therapeutic magnetic nanoparticles throughout tumors. To evaluate the feasibility of DMS, histological liver sections from autopsy cases of women who died from breast neoplasms were studied to measure vessel(More)
An automated system was developed to image the 3-D distribution of fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles in tissue samples. It enables easy measurement of magnetic nanoparticle distributions, for small and large tissue samples (currently up to a maximum size of), in 3-D, with about 70 resolution in plane and 1 in the vertical direction. There is a linear(More)
The ability to use magnets external to the body to focus therapy to deep tissue targets has remained an elusive goal in magnetic drug targeting. Researchers have hitherto been able to manipulate magnetic nanotherapeutics in vivo with nearby magnets but have remained unable to focus these therapies to targets deep within the body using magnets external to(More)
This article presents a method to investigate how magnetic particle characteristics affect their motion inside tissues under the influence of an applied magnetic field. Particles are placed on top of freshly excised tissue samples, a calibrated magnetic field is applied by a magnet underneath each tissue sample, and we image and quantify particle(More)
It is difficult to deliver drugs into the inner ear because it is located deep in the skull and isolated from general circulation by the blood-labyrinth barrier. The standard-of-care for treating sudden hearing loss and other hearing problems has been to either inject steroids trans-tympanically into the middle ear and to rely on free diffusion of drugs(More)
Using a highly stable spectral interferometry technique, ultrafast processes can be measured within a 2 ps temporal window. The technique was used to measure the nonlinear index of refraction due to the optical Kerr effect in water at both 815 nm and 407 nm with pump pulse lengths of ~90 femtoseconds and ~250 femtoseconds respectively. The 815 nm(More)
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