Alejandro Teran-Somohano

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Goal-directed reproducible experimentation with simulation models is still a significant challenge. The underutilization of design of experiments, limited transparency in the collection and analysis of results, and ad-hoc adaptation of experiments as learning takes place continue to hamper reproducibility and hence cause a credibility gap. In this study, we(More)
There is an increasing awareness of the added value that efficient design of experiments can provide to simulation studies. However, many practitioners lack the proper training required to design, execute and analyze a well-designed simulation experiment. In this study, we present the initial stages of a modeldriven engineering based tool for managing(More)
Recent years have seen a proliferation of the use of simulation models in computational science. Most of these models have never been independently replicated by anyone but the original developer. Furthermore, there is a growing credibility gap due to widespread, relaxed attitudes in communication of experiments, models, and validation of simulations used(More)
We present an application of the Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) methodology used in lean automotive manufacturing for the design and implementation of metaheuristic algorithms. This methodology allows the design of algorithm implementations that are flexible and enables algorithm designers to modify the algorithm's configuration quickly and with a(More)
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