Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez

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In readers of English, involved in a rhyme judgement task, mismatch trials are associated with an enhanced N450 component of the Event Related Potentials (ERPs). It has been suggested that N450 is related to orthographic or phonological priming. In this paper ERPs were recorded during a phonological matching task, using pairs of logographically dissimilar(More)
Glucagon, secreted by pancreatic islet α cells, is the principal hyperglycemic hormone. In diabetes, glucagon secretion is not suppressed at high glucose, exacerbating the consequences of insufficient insulin secretion, and is inadequate at low glucose, potentially leading to fatal hypoglycemia. The causal mechanisms remain unknown. Here we show that α cell(More)
Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) rely on the accurate classification of event-related potentials (ERPs) and their performance greatly depends on the appropriate selection of classifier parameters and features from dense-array electroencephalography (EEG) signals. Moreover, in order to achieve a portable and more compact BMI for practical applications, it is(More)
Obesity is frequently associated with insulin resistance. To compensate for this situation and maintain normoglycaemia, pancreatic beta-cells undergo several morphofunctional adaptations, which result in insulin hypersecretion and hyperinsulinaemia. However, no information exists about pancreatic alpha-cells during this compensatory stage of obesity. Here,(More)
BACKGROUND Health level seven version 2.5 (HL7 v2.5) is a widespread messaging standard for information exchange between clinical information systems. By applying Semantic Web technologies for handling HL7 v2.5 messages, it is possible to integrate large-scale clinical data with life science knowledge resources. OBJECTIVE Showing feasibility of a querying(More)
  • García-Crespo Ángel, Miguel Juan, Alejandro Gómez-Berbís, Brahmananda Rodríguez-González, Sapkota, Ángel García-Crespo +30 others
  • 2012
FEOSW is unique in targeting both Semantic Technologies and Financial and Economic Research, providing an opportunity for researchers in both fields to exchange opinions and experiences or delving into further needs in both domains on how to foster the development of financial information through new Semantic Technologies breed such as Linked Data. The aim(More)
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