Alejandro Rodríguez González

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Prospective transGEICAM study of the impact of the 21-gene Recurrence Score assay and traditional clinicopathological factors on adjuvant clinical decision making in women with estrogen receptor-positive (ER1) node-negative breast cancer Background: This study examined the impact of the Recurrence Score (RS) in Spanish breast cancer patients and explored(More)
Medical differential diagnosis (ddx) is based on the estimation of multiple distinct parameters in order to determine the most probable diagnosis. Building an intelligent medical differential diagnosis system implies using a number of knowledge based technologies which avoid ambiguity, such as ontologies rep resenting specific structured information, but(More)
Keywords: Neural networks Generalized feedforward Technical analysis Relative strength index Ibex 35 a b s t r a c t Stock price predictions have been a field of study from several points of view including, among others, artificial intelligence and expert systems. For short-term predictions, the technical indicator relative strength indicator (RSI) has been(More)
Automated medical diagnosis systems based on knowledge-oriented descriptions have gained momentum with the emergence of semantic descriptions. The objective of this paper is to propose a normalized design that solves some of the problems which have been detected by authors in previous tools. The authors bring together two different technologies to develop a(More)
Medical prescription has been touted as following an accurate approach to addressing particular health problems. However, the importance of the process might demand considering a formal knowledge-driven procedure to ensure its correctness which can be achieved through Medical Decision Support Systems (MDSS). Semantic Technologies have emerged as a potential(More)