Alejandro Rodríguez González

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Stock price predictions have been a field of study from several points of view including, among others, artificial intelligence and expert systems. For short-term predictions, the technical indicator relative strength indicator (RSI) has been published in many papers and used worldwide. CAST is presented in this paper. CAST can be seen as a set of solutions(More)
The integration of cloud computing and mobile computing has recently resulted in the Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) paradigm which is defined as the availability of $$c$$ c loud services over a mobile ecosystem. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a model of cloud computing that refers to high-level software systems delivered over Internet. This model typically(More)
The recreational use of gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB) has gained popularity over the last decade. GHB was initially sold as a safe body building and fat burning compound. It is now also widely abused by body builders and young ravers. GHB attracts young people due the euphoria that it initially produces, and the claimed increase in sociability and sexual(More)
Medical differential diagnosis (ddx) is based on the estimation of multiple distinct parameters in order to determine the most probable diagnosis. Building an intelligent medical differential diagnosis system implies using a number of knowledge based technologies which avoid ambiguity, such as ontologies rep resenting specific structured information, but(More)
Automated medical diagnosis systems based on knowledge-oriented descriptions have gained momentum with the emergence of semantic descriptions. The objective of this paper is to propose a normalized design that solves some of the problems which have been detected by authors in previous tools. The authors bring together two different technologies to develop a(More)
BACKGROUND Two distinct trends are emerging with respect to how data is shared, collected, and analyzed within the bioinformatics community. First, Linked Data, exposed as SPARQL endpoints, promises to make data easier to collect and integrate by moving towards the harmonization of data syntax, descriptive vocabularies, and identifiers, as well as providing(More)
The systematic method used to identify diseases is a called differential diagnosis (DDx). It is mostly used by healthcare professionals to diagnose a specific disease in a patient. If the disease is diagnosed, the method could be used to recommend the medications in order to receive treatment. The goal of the current paper is to design a system based on(More)