Alejandro Rodríguez Aguilera

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In this work, we propose a method to interactively deform high-resolution volumetric datasets, such as those obtained through medical imaging. Interactive deformation enables the visualization of these datasets in full detail using state-of-the-art volume rendering techniques as they are dynamically modified. Our approach relies on resampling the original(More)
Prostate volume changes due to edema occurrence during transperineal permanent brachytherapy should be taken under consideration to ensure optimal dose delivery. Available edema models, based on prostate volume observations, face several limitations. Therefore, patient-specific models need to be developed to accurately account for the impact of edema. In(More)
In this work we present a new solution for correctly handling heterogeneous materials in ChainMail models, which are widely used in medical applications. Our core method relies on two main components: (1) a novel timestamp-based propagation scheme that tracks the propagation speed of a deformation through the model and allows to correct ambiguous(More)
ChainMail algorithm is a physically based deformation algorithm that has been successfully used in virtual surgery simulators, where time is a critical factor. In this paper, we present a parallel algorithm, based on ChainMail, and its efficient implementation that reduces the time required to compute deformations over large medical 3D datasets by means of(More)
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