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Containerized Pinus pinea L. seedlings are commonly used for reforestation in the Mediterranean area. While there is an increasing knowledge of the potential ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with Pinus pinea, few studies exist of inoculation techniques with selected ectomycorrhizal fungi. We tested seven ectomycorrhizal fungi for their effectiveness with(More)
Environmental disturbances define the diversity and assemblage of species, affecting the functioning of ecosystems. Fire is a major disturbance of Mediterranean pine forests. Pines are highly dependent on the ectomycorrhizal (EM) fungal symbiosis, which is critical for tree recruitment under primary succession. To determine the effects of time since fire on(More)
In this paper an adaptive controller for bioreactors is developed, using a mass balance model based on an unique biological reaction pathway. The control scheme is constructed from Lyapunov-like function method and an extended Luenberger observer which allows handling the control input saturation. The measured methane flow rate is used to handle the(More)
A novel method for the separation of milk-fat globule membrane (MFGM) isolate by microfiltration in the presence of citrate was applied to prepare a fraction to be used to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions. The emulsifying properties of this fraction, containing high amounts of MFGM, were compared with a buttermilk concentrate (BMC) prepared in a similar(More)
The CALIOPE air quality modelling system has been used to diagnose ground level O(3) concentration for the year 2004, over the Iberian Peninsula. We investigate the improvement in the simulation of daily O(3) maximum by the use of a post-processing such as the Kalman filter bias-adjustment technique. The Kalman filter bias-adjustment technique is a(More)
We have determined, for the first time, the equilibrium CO coverage of Pt(111) electrodes at room temperature in 0.1 M H(2)SO(4) as a function of the CO partial pressure using CO-stripping cyclic voltammetry. Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy was used to confirm qualitatively the coverage values obtained.
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