Alejandro Ríos

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Calculi of explicit substitutions have almost always been presented using de Bruijn indices with the aim of avoiding α-conversion and being as close to machines as possible. De Bruijn indices however, though very suitable for the machine, are difficult to human users. This is the reason for a renewed interest in systems of explicit substitutions using(More)
The G allele of the rs6983267 single-nucleotide polymorphism, located on chromosome 8q24, has been associated with increased risk of several cancer types. The association between rs6983267G and thyroid cancer (TC) has been tested in different populations, mostly of European ancestry, and has led to inconclusive results. While significant associations have(More)
The aim of this article is to compare two styles of Explicit Substitutions: the and s-styles. We start by introducing a criterion of adequacy to simulate -reduction in calculi of explicit substitutions and we apply it to several calculi: , * , , s, t and u. The latter is presented here for the first time and may be considered as an adequate variant of s. By(More)