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The Spin-Foam Approach to Quantum Gravity
The present status of the spin-foam approach to the quantization of gravity is reviewed and the pedagogical presentation of the recently-introduced new models for four-dimensional quantum gravity is paid to.
Spin Foam Models for Quantum Gravity
In this topical review, we review the present status of the spin foam formulation of non-perturbative (background-independent) quantum gravity. The topical review is divided into two parts. In the
Three-dimensional loop quantum gravity: physical scalar product and spin-foam models
In this paper, we address the problem of the dynamics in three-dimensional loop quantum gravity with zero cosmological constant. We construct a rigorous definition of Rovelli's generalized projection
Black hole entropy and isolated horizons thermodynamics.
Black hole entropy and other thermodynamical quantities can be consistently computed in both ensembles and results are in agreement with Hawking's semiclassical analysis for all values of the Immirzi parameter.
Introduction to loop quantum gravity and spin foams
These notes are a didactic overview of the non perturbative and background independent approach to a quantum theory of gravity known as loop quantum gravity. The definition of real connection
Spin foam model for Lorentzian general relativity
We present a spin foam formulation of Lorentzian quantum General Relativity. The theory is based on a simple generalization of an Euclidean model defined in terms of a field theory over a group. Its
Black hole entropy from the SU(2)-invariant formulation of type I isolated horizons
A detailed analysis of the spherically symmetric isolated horizon system is performed in terms of the connection formulation of general relativity. The system is shown to admit a manifestly SU(2)
A local first law for black hole thermodynamics
We first show that stationary black holes satisfy an extremely simple local form of the first law \delta E=\kappa(l) \delta A/(8 \pi) where the thermodynamical energy E=A/(8\pi l) and (local) surface
Enol tautomers of Watson-Crick base pair models are metastable because of nuclear quantum effects.
By accounting for nuclear quantum effects explicitly through Car-Parrinello path integral molecular dynamics calculations, this work finds the tautomeric enol form to be dynamically metastable, with lifetimes too insignificant to be implicated in DNA damage.
Dark Energy from Violation of Energy Conservation.
This Letter investigates two potential sources of energy nonconservation-nonunitary modifications of quantum mechanics and phenomenological models motivated by quantum gravity theories with spacetime discreteness at the Planck scale-and shows that such locally negligible phenomena can nevertheless become relevant at the cosmological scale.