Alejandro P. Gomez

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The anterior endomesoderm of the early Xenopus gastrula is a part of Spemann's organizer and is important for head induction. Here we describe Xblimp1, which encodes a zinc finger transcriptional repressor expressed in the anterior endomesoderm. Xblimp1 represses trunk mesoderm and induces anterior endomesoderm in a cooperative manner with the(More)
The homeobox gene goosecoid (gsc) and the winged-helix gene Hepatic Nuclear Factor-3beta (HNF-3beta) are co-expressed in all three germ layers in the anterior primitive streak and at the rostral end of mouse embryos during gastrulation. In this paper, we have tested the possibility of functional synergism or redundancy between these two genes during(More)
Our laboratories have previously demonstrated that the malignancy of human and animal tumors is associated with increases in cathepsin B activity, due in part to increases in cathepsin B-specific RNA transcripts and in part to decreased regulation by the endogenous low molecular weight cysteine proteinase inhibitors (CPIs). In this study we have extended(More)
This paper describes the synthesis and application of controller based on sliding mode theory to a quad rotor. A PD sliding surface is considered for vertical take-off and landing aircraft, also changes in angles are done, and some disturbances are included. Therefore, the controller can be implemented using a PD controller as the sliding surface, and(More)
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