Alejandro Pérez

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We studied prokaryotic community structure and composition in biological soil crusts (BSCs) from the Sonoran Desert, and their variability over space and time, using statistically analyzed, PCR-based molecular surveys of environmental 16S rRNA genes. Four sites, tens of km apart, were sampled, 3 times over a 1 year period, collecting 10 duplicate samples(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate, evaluate, and verify the existence of irreversible electroporation (IRE)-ablation induced nanopores on the plasma membrane of hepatocytes. MATERIALS AND METHODS On animal research committee approval, four New Zealand rabbits and two Yorkshire swine underwent IRE ablation of the liver (90 pulses, 100 μs per pulse at 2,500 V), and(More)
AIM To compare the bowel cleansing efficacy of same day ingestion of 4-L sulfa-free polyethylene glycol (4-L SF-PEG) vs 2-L polyethylene glycol solution with ascorbic acid (2-L PEG + Asc) in patients undergoing afternoon colonoscopy. METHODS 206 patients (mean age 56.7 years, 61% male) undergoing outpatient screening or surveillance colonoscopies were(More)
SUMMARY Patients over 90 years of age (the "very elderly") account for an increasing number of admissions to departments of internal medicine (IM). The aim of this study was to analyse the demographic data, hospitalization characteristics, medical complications, and predictors of mortality in patients over 90 admitted to IM departments. MATERIAL AND(More)
Plenoptic cameras are a promising solution to increase the capabilities of current commercial cameras because they capture the four-dimensional lightfield of a scene. Processing the recorded lightfield, these cameras offer the possibility of focusing the scene after the shot or obtaining 3D information. Conventional photographs focused on determined planes(More)
BACKGROUND Current guidelines recommend screening colonoscopy beginning at age 50 in the average-risk population. Race has been shown to influence the risk of colorectal cancer, thus leading to the recommendation of initiating screening in blacks at the age of 45. Few data exist on the prevalence of colon polyps among U.S. Hispanics. OBJECTIVES To compare(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The treatment of cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE) with dye and argon laser has been evaluated in a number of articles in recent years. The improvement of telangiectasias and chronic erythema of the cutaneous lesions was based on the selective photothermolysis ablation of the dilated capillaries and venules. STUDY(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical significance of the mammographic appearance of tumors in 411 patients with infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast. STUDY DESIGN Tumors were classified into five radiographic subgroups: spiculated mass (A-type), diffuse changes with or without suspicious microcalcifications (B-type), microcalcifications with a mass(More)