Alejandro Muñoz-Del-Río

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We describe the two-dimensional imaging of excitation-induced Ca gradients in isolated myocytes under physiological conditions, using a novel method of flash photography of fluo-3 fluorescence. This method is useful for showing the spatial distribution and reproducibility of rapidly triggered Ca release events, and their relationship to underlying(More)
Acute hemorrhage is often followed by devastating lung injury. However, why blood loss should lead to lung injury is not known. One possibility is that hemorrhage rapidly disturbs the distribution of microvascular perfusion at the alveolar level, which may be a triggering event for subsequent injury. We showed previously that a 30% blood loss in rats caused(More)
OBJECTIVES Vocal fold scarring is the major cause of voice disorders after voice surgery or laryngeal trauma. The role of inflammatory factors in vocal fold wound healing and fibrosis has not been adequately investigated. Scarless wound healing has been associated with decreased inflammatory responses. To understand scar formation and develop reliable(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Expanded-criteria donor (ECD) kidneys are used to expand the number of deceased-donor kidney transplants, often for elderly recipients. This study sought to determine whether older recipients had significantly worse outcomes from receiving ECD kidneys and whether outcomes of ECD versus standard-criteria donor (SCD) kidneys differed(More)
BACKGROUND Loss of protein mass and lower fat-free mass index (FFMI) are associated with longer length of stay, postsurgical complications, and other poor outcomes in hospitalized patients. Normative data for FFMI of U.S. populations do not exist. This work aims to create a stratified FFMI percentile table for the U.S. population using the large bioelectric(More)
OBJECTIVES In this study we aimed to determine the feasibility of using a rat model for the study of postnatal vocal fold (VF) development. METHODS Eighteen male rats that were 3 days old, 3 weeks old, or 8 months old were analyzed histologically with Alcian blue stain used for detecting hyaluronic acid, elastin-van Gieson stain for elastin, Oil Red O and(More)
SUMMARY Phytochemical constituents of medicinal plants demonstrate inhibition of tissue and bacterial hyaluronidase. Echinacoside is a caffeoyl conjugate of Echinacea with known anti-hyaluronidase properties. The purpose of this study was to investigate the wound healing effects of Echinacea on vocal fold wound healing and functional voice outcomes. Pig(More)
OBJECTIVES Modulating cytokine signaling in vocal fold fibroblasts after injury may influence extracellular matrix (ECM) production and eventual fibrotic outcome. To evaluate previously established in vivo cytokine and ECM gene expression hypotheses, we examined in vitro vocal fold fibroblast responses to exogenous inflammatory factor stimulation. METHODS(More)
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