Alejandro Morales

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Leaf area growth determines the light interception capacity of a crop and is often used as a surrogate for plant growth in high-throughput phenotyping systems. The relationship between leaf area growth and growth in terms of mass will depend on how carbon is partitioned among new leaf area, leaf mass, root mass, reproduction, and respiration. A model of(More)
We studies two examples of polytope slices, hypersimplices as slices of hypercubes and edge polytopes. For hypersimplices, the main result is a proof of a conjecture by R. Stanley which gives an interpretation of the Ehrhart h*-vector in terms of descents and excedances. Our proof is geometric using a careful book-keeping of a shelling of a unimodular(More)
—Efficient retrieval of information is of key importance when using Big Data systems. In large scale-out data architectures, data are distributed and replicated across several machines. Queries/tasks to such data architectures, are sent to a router which determines the machines containing the requested data. Ideally, to reduce the overall cost of analytics,(More)
A better understanding of the metabolic and diffusional limitations of photosynthesis in fluctuating irradiance can help identify targets for improving crop yields. We used different genotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana to characterise the importance of Rubisco activase (Rca), stomatal conductance (gs), non-photochemical quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence(More)
This paper presents an efficient and low-cost approach for energy analysis of road accidents using images obtained using consumer-grade digital cameras and smartphones. The developed method could be used by security forces in order to improve the qualitative and quantitative analysis of traffic accidents. This role of the security forces is crucial to(More)
We consider a variety of questions related to pattern avoidance in alternating permutations and generalizations thereof. We give bijective enumerations of alternating permutations avoiding patterns of length 3 and 4, of permutations that are the reading words of a " thickened staircase " shape (or equivalently of permutations with descent set {k, 2k, 3k,. .(More)
  • Christopher Stephen Dodd, Roman Bezrukavnikov, David Jordan, James Pascaleff, Tsao-Hsien Chen, Qian Lin +18 others
  • 2011
In this thesis, we examine three different versions of "categorification" of the affine Hecke algebra and its periodic module: the first is by equivariant coherent sheaves on the Grothendieck resolution (and related objects), the second is by certain classes on bimodules over polynomial rings, called Soergel bimodules, and the third is by certain categories(More)
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