Alejandro Medina

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We have previously described the application of novel porous organosilicate materials to the preconcentration of nitroenergetic targets from aqueous solution prior to HPLC analysis. The performance of the sorbents and the advantages of these types of materials over commercially available solid phase extraction sorbents have been demonstrated. Here, the(More)
In this study we summarize and analyze experimental observations of cyclic variability in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion in a single-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine was configured with negative valve overlap (NVO) to trap residual gases from prior cycles and thus enable auto-ignition in successive cycles. Correlations were(More)
The emergence of high-resolution satellites with new spectral channels and the ability to change its viewing angle has highlighted the importance of modeling the atmospheric effects. So, atmospheric correction serves a critical role in the processing of remotely sensed image data, particularly with respect to identification of pixel content. Efficient and(More)
Despite the fact that mites were used at the dawn of forensic entomology to elucidate the postmortem interval, their use in current cases remains quite low for procedural reasons such as inadequate taxonomic knowledge. A special interest is focused on the phoretic stages of some mite species, because the phoront-host specificity allows us to deduce in many(More)
A high-frequency eye test chart using letters or figures of alternating black and white stripes (or dots) on a grey background was developed. Any cross-section of the letters has a Fourier transform with a zero frequency component equal to the luminance of the grey background. When the letters are out of focus, their image on the retina fades rapidly into(More)
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