Alejandro Martins Rodriguez

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A monomorphic anti-HLA-G monoclonal antibody (mAb) was obtained by immunization of HLA-B27/human beta 2-microglobulin double-transgenic mice with transfected murine L cells expressing both HLA-G and human beta 2-microglobulin. This mAb, designated BFL.1, specifically recognizes, by flow cytometry analysis, the immunizing HLA-G-expressing cells, whereas it(More)
Of the various molecular regulatory mechanisms that may be used by human trophoblast cells to down-regulate expression of HLA class I genes, we chose to investigate the methylation of DNA, generally associated with inhibition of transcription. We analyzed the methylation status of different HLA class I loci in villous and extravillous cytotrophoblast cells(More)
Human placental trophoblast cells that constitute the materno-fetal interface during pregnancy escape maternal alloimmune attack. The different trophoblast cell subpopulations have developed efficient regulatory mechanisms to prevent expression of beta2-microglobulin-associated HLA class Ia molecules at their cell surface. We previously reported the(More)
This article presents an overview of the more recent data dealing with the constitutive, transcriptional, and translational expression of classical class Ia and nonclassical HLA-E and -G class Ib products in the different trophoblast cell subpopulations that constitute the maternofetal interface during human pregnancy. Of particular interest is the(More)
Considering the needs of the current society to provide education for all equally, the Virtual Institute of Advanced Studies (VIAS) aims at creating solutions for the development of competencies at various levels, which with an educational modeling adequate to each situation act, aiming at usability, flexibility and functionality of the different Distance(More)
OR (operating room) satellite pharmacies are still a relatively new addition to the system of pharmacy-coordinated drug distribution. For the last ten years, however, hospitals creating OR satellite pharmacies have found that they provide improved service, reduced inventory, better narcotic control and more efficient drug delivery. Hospital Pharmacy and the(More)
PROBLEM We investigated the possible negative regulatory mechanisms that repress classical human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I gene expression in human spermatozoa and searched for novel testis-specific coding sequences that might be present in MHC class I chromosomal region. METHOD We performed a comparative DNA methylation analysis of this genomic(More)
Human trophoblast cells have developed various efficient regulatory mechanisms to prevent cell surface expression of the classical HLA-A, -B, and (but not always) -C class I molecules. This allows them to escape maternal alloimmune attack during pregnancy. However, recent results have demonstrated that such a lack of expression could be reversed in villous(More)
Acknowledgments First and foremost I would like to thank Prof. Ricardo Miranda Barcia who has been a continual source of ideas and support throughout my program. He was the one who encourage with decision and constancy the development of a research field on working capital almost seven years ago and more recently the applied intelligence area. He encourage(More)