Alejandro Martinez-Garcia

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Hydrogen evolution reaction is catalysed efficiently with precious metals, such as platinum; however, transition metal dichalcogenides have recently emerged as a promising class of materials for electrocatalysis, but these materials still have low activity and durability when compared with precious metals. Here we report a simple one-step scalable approach,(More)
Significant interest has grown in the development of earth-abundant and efficient catalytic materials for hydrogen generation. Layered transition metal dichalcogenides present opportunities for efficient electrocatalytic systems. Here, we report the modification of 1D MoOx/ MoS2 core−shell nanostructures by lithium intercalation and the corresponding(More)
Here, we report direct band gap transition for Gallium Phosphide (GaP) when alloyed with just 1-2 at% antimony (Sb) utilizing both density functional theory based computations and experiments. First principles density functional theory calculations of GaSbxP(1-x) alloys in a 216 atom supercell configuration indicate that an indirect to direct band gap(More)
In order to make fast-charging batteries a reality for electric vehicles, durable, more energy dense and high-current density resistant anodes need to be developed. With such purpose, a low lithiation potential of 0.2 V vs. Li/Li(+) for MoO3 nanoplatelet arrays is reported here for anodes in a lithium ion battery. The composite material here presented(More)
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