Alejandro Martín Malo

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BACKGROUND Uncoated adsorbent charcoal may regenerate the ultrafiltrate suggesting its use as an endogenous substitution fluid. The objective of this study was to assess the safety and the long-term clinical results. METHODS Thirty-three chronic uraemic patients were dialysed for 1 year using two haemodialysers in series in order to separate convection(More)
The clinical course of 73 patients with nephrotic syndrome due to minimal histologic lesions was studied. A renal biopsy was performed in all of the cases; 23 biopsies were studied by immunofluorescence and two renal biopsies were carried out in eight cases. The follow-up period varied from 6 months to 10 years. The following treatment were used: 23(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients on haemodialysis (HD) have a high prevalence of 25-OH-vitamin D (25-OH-D)deficiency. Secondary hyperparathyroidismis a common condition in these patients, which is very important to control. 25-OH-D is involved in regulating calcium homeostasis. As such, appropriate levels of this vitamin could help to control bone mineral metabolism.(More)
BACKGROUND The alteration of the mechanisms of water and sodium preservation may be an important factor in the development of acute postoperative renal failure in obstructive jaundice (OJ). Experimental OJ has been associated with a depletion of the extracellular volume and alteration of the mechanisms of regulation of hydrosaline metabolism. The aim of(More)
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