Alejandro Levi

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Reflective lateral eye movements (LEMs) in response to questions of different categories are indicative of differential hemispheric reactivity. These LEMs were studied in schizophrenic patients and normal subjects, in response to 24 questions (12 visual-emotional and 12 verbal-neutral). Two categories of saccades were observed: short-latency LEMs (S-LEMs)(More)
The antibacterial activity of certain quinoxaline 1:4-dioxides has been described by McIlwain (1943), Wiedling (1945), Frisk (1946), and Iland (1948), and previous papers from this Laboratory described their action on Entamoeba hi8tolytica (Jones, Landquist & Stewart, 1953), and on viruses of the lymphogranuloma-psittacosis group (Hurst et al. 1953). We(More)
This paper is the second of a series dealing with the analysis of penicillin by means of a chromatogram using solvent-phosphate buffer partition on a silica base. The first paper (Levi, 1948) described the development of this type of chromatogram which is based on that ofMartin & Synge (1941), and outlined the principles of its application to the study of(More)