Alejandro León

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Reconstructing vessels from sherds is a complex task, specially for hand made pottery. That is the case of the Iberian vessels. The reconstruction process can be done in three steps: orientation of the sherd, computing the symmetry axis and detecting the profile. This paper presents methods to accomplish these three tasks in a semi-automatic way. This(More)
Volume data are usually represented as a uniform structured grid. Nevertheless, this representation imposes large memory requirements when large volumes are stored. Hierarchical representations, can be used to reduce either memory requirements or rendering time. Their use to store the volume model make the surface extraction process more complex, as cracks(More)
3D motion tracking is a critical task in many computer vision applications. Existing 3D motion tracking techniques require either a great amount of knowledge on the target object or specific hardware. These requirements discourage the wide spread of commercial applications based on 3D motion tracking. 3D motion tracking systems that require no knowledge on(More)
3D motion tracking is a critical task in many computer vision applications. Unsupervised marker-less 3D motion tracking systems determine the most relevant object in the screen and then track it by continuously estimating its projection features (center and area) from the edge image and a point inside the relevant object projection (namely, inner point),(More)
BACKGROUND Mescal production is the main economic activity associated to agaves in Mexico, which involves 53 species mostly harvested from forests. The increasing mescal demand has influenced risk in both agave populations and mescal production, but other social and ecological factors also intervene. We hypothesized that the greater the risk the greater the(More)
ChainMail algorithm is a physically based deformation algorithm that has been successfully used in virtual surgery simulators, where time is a critical factor. In this paper, we present a parallel algorithm, based on ChainMail, and its efficient implementation that reduces the time required to compute deformations over large medical 3D datasets by means of(More)
With the amount of data available on social networks, new methodologies for the analysis of information are needed. Some methods allow the users to combine different types of data in order to extract relevant information. In this context, the present paper shows the application of a model via a platform in order to group together information generated by(More)