Alejandro López

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An argument is categorical if its premises and conclusion are of the form All members ofC have property F, where C is a natural category like FALCON or BIRD, and P remains the same across premises and conclusion. An example is Grizzly bears love onions. Therefore, all bears love onions. Such an argument is psychologically strong to the extent that belief in(More)
Two parallel studies were performed with members of very different cultures— industrialized American and traditional Itzaj-Mayan—to investigate potential universal and cultural features of folkbiological taxonomies and inductions. Specifically, we examined how individuals organize natural categories into taxonomies, and whether they readily use these(More)
The rise of new development paradigms such as Global Software Development (GSD) forces Requirements Engineering (RE) to face up to new challenges and risks not common in traditional development models. When an organization first embarks upon a GSD project it exposes itself to plenty of risks. Many of these risks appear as a result of the lack of experience(More)
The aim of this article is to describe the methods used to develop the medication reconciliation programme implemented in a tertiary care hospital, and to discuss the main problems encountered and lessons learned during the process. A quasi-experimental study was carried out, analysing discrepancies between routine medication and drugs prescribed in the(More)
Digital television is a reality, providing new facilities for multimedia content delivery. Due to the large amount of available content from multiple broadcasters, the use of personalized recommendation techniques can help the user in the process of consuming A/V content. The viewer, who is actually a passive subject, is changed into an active one, who can(More)
Electrical alternans, a beat-to-beat alternation in the electrocardiogram or electrogram, is frequently seen during the first few minutes of acute myocardial ischemia, and is often immediately followed by malignant cardiac arrhythmias such as ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation. As ischemia progresses, higher-order periodic rhythms (e.g.,(More)
BACKGROUND Bioleaching is a process that has been used in the past in mineral pretreatment of refractory sulfides, mainly in the gold, copper and uranium benefit. This technology has been proved to be cheaper, more efficient and environmentally friendly than roasting and high pressure moisture heating processes. So far the most studied microorganism in(More)