Alejandro Javier Pernía-Andrade

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Spontaneous postsynaptic currents (PSCs) provide key information about the mechanisms of synaptic transmission and the activity modes of neuronal networks. However, detecting spontaneous PSCs in vitro and in vivo has been challenging, because of the small amplitude, the variable kinetics, and the undefined time of generation of these events. Here, we(More)
Rab3 interacting molecules (RIMs) are highly enriched in the active zones of presynaptic terminals. It is generally thought that they operate as effectors of the small G protein Rab3. Three recent papers, by Han et al. (this issue of Neuron), Deng et al. (this issue of Neuron), and Kaeser et al. (a recent issue of Cell), shed new light on the functional(More)
Sharp wave-ripple (SWR) oscillations play a key role in memory consolidation during non-rapid eye movement sleep, immobility, and consummatory behavior. However, whether temporally modulated synaptic excitation or inhibition underlies the ripples is controversial. To address this question, we performed simultaneous recordings of excitatory and inhibitory(More)
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