Alejandro Hernandez Herdocia

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There is demand to develop methods and interfaces for teleoperation of complex systems in mission-critical applications. In this paper, we study three different methods to command a one-arm mobile manipulator from a 6-DOF input device capable of haptic feedback. The linkage between the master and the slave devices is asymmetric, that is, the input haptic(More)
To tele-operate a robot, visual feedback is critical. However, communication channel latency can delay feedback to the point where the operator is impeded in performing his task. This work presents a vision-based “predictive display” system that compensates for visual delay. The approach is online and relatively uncalibrated, thus it has the(More)
This paper presents a system developed with off-the shelf components which will be used to study humanrobot cooperative tasks from tele-manipulation to supervisory control. The approach enables the design to be modular and flexible, thus presenting an upgradable laboratory and test bed for prototyping autonomy-enhanced and supervised-control activities for(More)
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