Alejandro Gonzalez

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— Center of mass (CoM) trajectory is important during standing and walking since it can be used as an index for stability and fall prediction. Unfortunately current methods for CoM estimation require the use of specialized equipment (such as motion capture and force platforms) in controlled environments. This paper aims at applying the statically equivalent(More)
— A human's center of mass (CoM) trajectory is useful to evaluate the dynamic stability during daily life activities such as walking and standing up. To estimate the subject-specific CoM position in the home environment, we make use of a statically equivalent serial chain (SESC) developed with a portable measurement system. In this paper we implement a(More)
Glucagon, secreted by pancreatic islet α cells, is the principal hyperglycemic hormone. In diabetes, glucagon secretion is not suppressed at high glucose, exacerbating the consequences of insufficient insulin secretion, and is inadequate at low glucose, potentially leading to fatal hypoglycemia. The causal mechanisms remain unknown. Here we show that α cell(More)
—Center of mass (CoM) estimation can be used to evaluate human stability during rehabilitation. A personalized estimation can be obtained using the serial equivalent static chain (SESC) method, calibrated using a series of static postures. The estimation accuracy is dependent on the number and quality of poses used during calibration. Currently, this limits(More)
Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) rely on the accurate classification of event-related potentials (ERPs) and their performance greatly depends on the appropriate selection of classifier parameters and features from dense-array electroencephalography (EEG) signals. Moreover, in order to achieve a portable and more compact BMI for practical applications, it is(More)
Background and Purpose. BM-MNC transplantation improves recovery in experimental models of ischemic stroke. Clinical trials are ongoing to test efficacy in stroke patients. However, whether cell dose is related to outcomes is not known. Methods. We performed a pooling data analysis of two pilot clinical trials with autologous BM-MNCs transplantation in(More)
Obesity is frequently associated with insulin resistance. To compensate for this situation and maintain normoglycaemia, pancreatic beta-cells undergo several morphofunctional adaptations, which result in insulin hypersecretion and hyperinsulinaemia. However, no information exists about pancreatic alpha-cells during this compensatory stage of obesity. Here,(More)