Alejandro González

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Center of mass (CoM) trajectory is important during standing and walking since it can be used as an index for stability and fall prediction. Unfortunately current methods for CoM estimation require the use of specialized equipment (such as motion capture and force platforms) in controlled environments. This paper aims at applying the statically equivalent(More)
— An increasingly aging society creates the need for a reliable evaluation of postural stability, specially for rehabilitation. Estimation of a subject's center of mass (CoM) is important for the assessment of unsupported, stable standing. A portable, in-home estimation of CoM can be used as a rehabilitation tool and could be achieved using a Microsoft's(More)
Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) rely on the accurate classification of event-related potentials (ERPs) and their performance greatly depends on the appropriate selection of classifier parameters and features from dense-array electroencephalography (EEG) signals. Moreover, in order to achieve a portable and more compact BMI for practical applications, it is(More)
A growing number of studies report antidepressant effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in patients with major depression. The hypothesis that high frequency (20 Hz) rTMS (HF-rTMS) may speed up and strengthen the therapeutic response to sertraline in MD was tested. Twenty eight patients who had not yet received medication for the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Bone marrow mononuclear cell (BM-MNC) intra-arterial transplantation improves recovery in experimental models of ischemic stroke. We aimed to assess the safety, feasibility, and biological effects of autologous BM-MNC transplantation in patients with stroke. METHODS A single-blind (outcomes assessor) controlled Phase I/II trial was(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To assess by diffusion-weighted MR imaging (DWI) the efficacy of cerebral protection devices in avoiding embolization and new ischemic lesions in patients with severe internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis undergoing carotid artery stent placement (CAS). METHODS One hundred sixty-two CASs in the extracranial ICA were performed with(More)
Despite recent significant advances, pedestrian detection continues to be an extremely challenging problem in real scenarios. In order to develop a detector that successfully operates under these conditions, it becomes critical to leverage upon multiple cues, multiple imaging modalities and a strong multi-view classifier that accounts for different(More)
Fifty sets of photographs showing facial features of Caucasian males aged 18 to 60 years were examined to establish a morphological classification of the face. It is suggested that such a classification could assist facial identification by photocomparison. The selection criteria stress the importance of interassessor agreement and discrimination among(More)
A human's center of mass (CoM) trajectory is useful to evaluate the dynamic stability during daily life activities such as walking and standing up. To estimate the subject-specific CoM position in the home environment, we make use of a statically equivalent serial chain (SESC) developed with a portable measurement system. In this paper we implement a(More)
The trajectory of the whole body center of mass (CoM) is useful as a reliable metric of postural stability. If the evaluation of a subject-specific CoM were available outside of the laboratory environment, it would improve the assessment of the effects of physical rehabilitation. This paper develops a method that enables tracking CoM position using low-cost(More)