Alejandro Gómez-Palomino

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A total synthesis of (+)-herboxidiene/GEX 1A has been accomplished from (R)- and (S)-lactate esters in a highly efficient manner. Key steps of the synthesis involve substrate-controlled titanium-mediated aldol reactions from chiral lactate-derived ethyl ketones, an oxa-Michael cyclization, an Ireland-Claisen rearrangement, and a Suzuki coupling.(More)
A highly efficient and straightforward aminoxylation of titanium(IV) enolates from (S)-N-acyl-4-benzyl-5,5-dimethyl-1,3-oxazolidin-2-ones with TEMPO has been developed. A wide array of functional groups on the acyl moiety, including alkyl and aryl substituents, olefins, esters, or α-cyclopropyl, as well as α-trifluoromethyl groups, are well tolerated. This(More)
Aldol reactions of titanium enolates of lactate-derived ethyl ketone 1 with other ketones proceed in a very efficient and stereocontrolled manner provided that a further equivalent of TiCl4 is added to the reacting mixture. The scope of these reactions encompasses simple ketones such as acetone or cyclohexanone as well as other ketones that contain(More)
Quantum chemical calculations have unveiled the unexpected biradical character of titanium(IV) enolates from N-acyl oxazolidinones and thiazolidinethiones. The electronic structure of these species therefore involves a valence tautomerism consisting of an equilibrium between a closed shell (formally Ti(IV) enolates) and an open shell, biradical, singlet(More)
Substrate-controlled Michael additions of the titanium(IV) enolate of lactate-derived ketone 1 to acyclic α,β-unsaturated ketones in the presence of a Lewis acid (TiCl4 or SnCl4) provide the corresponding 2,4-anti-4,5-anti dicarbonyl compounds in good yields and excellent diastereomeric ratios. Likely, the nucleophilic species involved in such additions are(More)
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