Alejandro Flores

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We present GRAPHIUM a tool to visualize trends and patterns in the performance of existing graph and RDF engines. We will demonstrate GRAPHIUM and attendees will be able to observe and analyze the performance exhibited by Neo4j, DEX, HypergraphDB and RDF-3x when core graph-based and mining tasks are run against a variety of benchmarks of graphs of diverse(More)
Linked data can be represented as graphs, and core graph-based tasks are required not only for consuming linked data, but also for mining associations and patterns among data and links. To facilitate these tasks, efficient algorithms have been defined; additionally, graph database engines that manage, store and query large graphs have been implemented.(More)
OBJECTIVE Nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) pathway and oxidative stress participate in endothelial dysfunction, which is one of the causes of pre-eclampsia. Among the human antioxidant mechanisms, there are the enzymes catalase (CAT), glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Our aim was to measure NF-κB, its inhibitor (IKK) and oxidative(More)
In this work a new method is proposed for the diagnosis of faults in electric power transmission systems based on neural modularity. This method performs the diagnosis through the assignation of a generic neural module for each type of element conforming the transmission system, whether it be line, bus or transformer. A total of three generic neural modules(More)
Knowledge graphs encode semantic knowledge that can be exploited to enhance different data management tasks, e.g., query answering, ranking, or data mining. We tackle the problem of predicting interactions between drugs and targets, and propose esDSG, an unsupervised approach able to predict links from subgraphs that are not only highly dense, but that(More)
Cow's milk allergy (CMA) is an immune-based disease that has become an increasing problem. The diagnosis and management of CMA varies from one clinical setting to another and represents a challenge in pediatric practice. In addition, because nonallergic food reactions can be confused with CMA symptoms, there is an overdiagnosis of the disease. In response(More)
We present Graphium Chrysalis, a tool to visualize the main graph invariants that characterize RDF graphs, i.e., graph properties that are independent of the graph representation such as, vertex and edge counts, inand out-degree distribution, and in-coming and out-going h-index. Graph invariants characterize a graph and impact on the cost of the core(More)
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