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The authors present 15 patients with proven malignant pleural effusion who underwent pleurodesis with Povidone. They obtained a complete response in 100% of the cases. The average duration of the response was 23.3 weeks ranging from 3 to 83 weeks. Seven patients are alive and on follow up with an average response time of 30 weeks. Six patients are dead,(More)
The authors study ten cases of malignant diffuse mesothelioma diagnosed histologically in the CH-Dr-AAM-CSS. Of the ten cases eight were men and two women, from 22 to 73 years of age. No evidence of exposure to asbestos was elicited by the nature of their occupation or their place of residence. The clinical findings in all cases is similar to those found in(More)
The respiratory burst of phagocytes plays an important role in the tissue damage that accompanies the inflammatory response. One of these conditions is allergic bronchial asthma, therefore, to evaluate the activation state of peripheral granulocytes the generation of reactive oxygen metabolites was evaluated using Luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence (LCL)(More)
a Electrochemistry and Nanotechnology Laboratory, Research and Technology Institute/Processes Engineering Post-graduation, Universidade Tiradentes, Av. Murilo Dantas, 300, Aracaju, SE, Brazil b MCMA group, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Alicante, Ap. 99 E-03080, Alicante, Spain c Grupo Catalizadores y Adsorbentes,(More)
The authors present the clinical history of a 61 year old woman who was treated in the Metropolitan Hospital Complex Arnulfo Arias Madrid of the Social Security. The patient had experienced weight loss, chills and pain in the left chest for a period of one month. The chest X-ray showed an irregular oval shaped pulmonary infiltrate, 5 x 5 cm, in the upper(More)