Alejandro Chávez Guerrero

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BACKGROUND Central line-associated bloodstream infections occur commonly and are a potentially preventable source of morbidity in the critical care setting. The purpose of this study was to find a way to decrease central line-associated bloodstream infections. METHODS Data were collected from February 1, 2005, to April 31, 2007, on all patients in the(More)
OBJECTIVE Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a major public health burden, especially in low- and middle-income countries. There is limited data on RTIs in low-volume, rural African settings. This study attempted to survey all individuals living in households within 200 m of two low-volume rural roads in Tanzania and to collect data on RTIs. METHODS Local(More)
OBJECTIVE/SETTING To provide a population-based analysis of childhood road traffic injuries (RTI) in two communities of the greater Accra region of Ghana, with the goal of establishing an RTI incidence baseline in these communities and to identify RTI characteristics in order to model a targeted injury prevention programme. STUDY DESIGN Geographical(More)
Road traffic injuries (RTI) are a public health threat and a major source of disability in developing countries. A population-based analysis of RTIs in a testimonially high-risk area of Dar es Salaam, the largest city in the East African country of Tanzania, was carried out with the goal of establishing an RTI incidence and to identify RTI characteristics(More)
The World Health Assembly recently adopted a resolution to urge improved competency in the provision of injury care through medical education. This survey sought to investigate trauma education experience and competency among final year medical students worldwide. An Internet survey was distributed to medical students and conducted from March 2008 to(More)
The purpose of this study is to compare female and male college students’ academic self-efficacy. The overall sample consisted of 1,995 participants, 862 women and 1,133 men, all freshman students at the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (Autonomous University of Chihuahua). The average age is 18.18 years (SD= 0.68). This quantitative study has a(More)
Marine fish farms could cause environmental disturbances on the sediment due to uneaten food and fish faeces that impact the marine benthos. Polychaete assemblages are considered good indicators of environmental perturbations. The present study aimed to establish groups of polychaetes as potential indicators of fish farm pollution. This study was carried(More)
We present a case from the Johannesburg General Hospital of a zone II low-velocity penetrating neck injury with involvement of the ipsilateral subclavian artery. When the "bullet" was retrieved, it was noted not to be an actual bullet but rather a cartridge casing. We speculate that this injury represents one of several possible misfiring scenarios from a(More)
The aim of the present study was to compare the profiles of perceived self-efficacy in the sociocultural sphere between men and women, Mexican university students of health sciences. A total sample of 524 participants (202 women, 322 men) aged 17-20 years (M = 18.20; SD = 0.72) participated in this study. A quantitative approach with a descriptive and(More)
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