Alejandro Castillo Atoche

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A new aggregated Hardware/Software (HW/SW) codesign approach to optimization of the digital signal processing techniques for enhanced imaging with real-world uncertain remote sensing (RS) data based on the concept of descriptive experiment design regularization (DEDR) is addressed. We consider the applications of the developed approach to typical(More)
A high-speed dual super-systolic core for reconstructive signal processing (SP) operations consists of a double parallel systolic array (SA) machine in which each processing element of the array is also conceptualized as another SA in a bit-level fashion. In this study, we addressed the design of a high-speed dual super-systolic array (SSA) core for the(More)
This chapter presents a novel wireless data acquisition system. The system has been designed to take advantage of inexpensive robotics systems like Lego NXT, which establishes a new paradigm in the wireless ad-hoc networks field. The system architecture can record data from different variables in greenhouse environments. These wireless systems employ(More)