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Searching for morphometric differences between sexes in immature forms, the development of genital plates in the exuviae of Triatoma pallidipennis Stål 1872 nymphs was studied. Differences were found(More)
Conducting research associated with mechanically ventilated patients often requires the recording of several biomedical signals to dispose of multiple sources of information to perform a robust(More)
In the search of alternatives for the control of mosquitoes of medical importance, we evaluated the larvicidal activity of micronized suspensions of calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] against Aedes aegypti(More)
The larvicidal activity of essential oils cinnamon (Cinnamomumverum J. Presl), Mexican lime (Citrusaurantifolia Swingle) cumin (Cuminumcyminum Linnaeus), clove (Syzygiumaromaticum (L.) Merr. &(More)