Alejandro Cabrera Sarmiento

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The execution flow of the binary extended Euclidean algorithm (BEEA) is heavily dependent on its inputs. Taking advantage of that fact, this work presents a novel simple power analysis (SPA) of this algorithm that reveals some exploitable power consumption-related leakages. The exposed leakages make it possible to retrieve some bits of the algorithm’s(More)
This paper describes a design methodology for fuzzy logic-based control systems. The methodology employs hardware/software codesign techniques according to an ‘a priori’ partition of the tasks assigned to the selected components. This feature makes it possible to tackle the control system prototyping as one of the design stages. In our case, the platform(More)
The use of embedded block memories (BRAMs) in Xilinx FPGA devices makes it possible to store the T-Boxes that are employed to implement the AES block cipher’s SubBytes and MixColumns operations. Several studies into BRAM resistance to side-channel attacks have been reported in the literature, whereas this paper presents a novel attack based on tampering the(More)
In this paper we illustrate a fuzzy logic system design strategy based on a high level description. Employing this high level description, the knowledge base is described in a language in appearance close to the natural language with the particularity that it uses a hardware description language (VHDL) directly synthesizable on an FPGA circuit. In addition,(More)
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