Alejandro C. Frery

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A recently proposed methodology called the Horizontal Visibility Graph (HVG) [Luque et al., Phys. Rev. E., 80, 046103 (2009)] that constitutes a geometrical simplification of the well known Visibility Graph algorithm [Lacasa et al., Proc. Natl. Sci. U.S.A. 105, 4972 (2008)], has been used to study the distinction between deterministic and stochastic(More)
Stereo matching is an open problem in computer vision, for which local features are extracted to identify corresponding points in pairs of images. The results are heavily dependent on the initial steps. We apply image decomposition in multiresolution levels, for reducing the search space, computational time, and errors. We propose a solution to the problem(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are presented as devices for signal sampling and reconstruction. Within this framework, the qualitative and quantitative influence of (i) signal granularity, (ii) spatial distribution of sensors, (iii) sensors clustering, and (iv) signal reconstruction procedure are assessed. This is done by defining an error metric and performing a(More)
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has a pivotal role as a remote imaging method. Obtained by means of coherent illumination, SAR images are contaminated with speckle noise. The statistical modeling of such contamination is well described according to the multiplicative model and its implied $$\fancyscript{G}^0$$ distribution. The understanding of SAR imagery(More)
—In this paper we analyze several strategies for the estimation of the roughness parameter of the G 0 I distribution. It has been shown that this distribution is able to characterize a large number of targets in monopolarized SAR imagery, deserving the denomination of " Universal Model. " It is indexed by three parameters: the number of looks (which can be(More)
We present a new approach for online handwritten signature classification and verification based on descriptors stemming from Information Theory. The proposal uses the Shannon Entropy, the Statistical Complexity, and the Fisher Information evaluated over the Bandt and Pompe symbolization of the horizontal and vertical coordinates of signatures. These six(More)
We propose a new method for polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR) imagery classification based on stochastic distances in the space of random matrices obeying complex Wishart distributions. Given a collection of prototypes [Formula: see text] and a stochastic distance d(.,.), we classify any random matrix X using two criteria in an iterative(More)
—Model-based decompositions have gained considerable attention after the initial work of Freeman and Durden. This decomposition which assumes the target to be reflection symmetric was later relaxed in the Yamaguchi et al. decomposition with the addition of the helix parameter. Since then many decomposition have been proposed where either the scattering(More)
This work presents the use of stochastic measures of similarities as features with statistical significance for the design of despeckling nonlocal means filters. Assuming that the observations follow a Gamma model with two parameters (mean and number of looks), patches are compared by means of the Kullback-Leibler and Hellinger distances, and by their(More)