Alejandro Badia

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From 1995 to 1998, 30 patients with dorsal wrist ganglia and four with recurrent dorsal ganglia underwent arthroscopic resection. At a mean follow-up of 16 months, no complications were seen, but minimal pain persisted in three patients. Two recurrences were seen after arthroscopic resection of primary ganglia.
PURPOSE Osteoarthritis of the thumb basal joint is a very common and disabling condition that frequently affects middle-aged women. Many different surgical techniques have been proposed for extensive degenerative arthritis of the first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. Joint replacement has been an effective treatment of this condition. The purpose of this(More)
Volar fixation of dorsally unstable distal radius fractures is a new method of treatment that provides the benefits of stable internal fixation without the complications of the dorsal approach. A new, fixed-angle fixation device, the distal volar radius (DVR) plate, (Fig. 1) has been introduced for this purpose. Experience gained by applying this technique(More)
PURPOSE Many skeletal traction devices have been described to treat fracture dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. Most of these techniques are technically challenging or involve cumbersome frames. We present a design modification that enhances the stability of a simple dynamic fixation system described previously and report our results(More)
Carpal instabilities continue to be a controversial topic in hand surgery. Accurate diagnosis of the ligament injuries is usually difficult without an arthroscopic evaluation. Few studies have focused on the diagnosis and proper management of simultaneous scapholunate (SL) and lunotriquetral (LT) ligament tears. This is an uncommon injury that leads to(More)
Sports-related injuries about the elbow occur commonly and are often managed by a wide variety of health care providers. It is particularly important that a surgeon well versed in arthroscopy, reconstructive trauma, and peripheral nerve techniques evaluates potentially complex injuries. It is equally imperative that the preoperative care regimen and(More)
Osteoarthritis of the thumb basal joint is a common and disabling condition, and early stages of which are often seen in middle-aged women. Arthroscopic assessment of the first carpometacarpal joint allows easy identification and classification of joint pathology with minimal morbidity. This allows the condition to be managed either arthroscopically or(More)
This article covers new and emerging techniques in small joint arthroscopy in the hand. Recent improvement in the quality of small joint scopes and advancement in techniques have allowed for many new small joint arthroscopic procedures in the hand. The arthroscopic classification for thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) arthritis as well as treatment of each stage(More)
This report presents a method of arthroscopic repair of the peripheral triangular fibrocartilage complex tears that replaces traditional suture knots with ultrasonic welding of sutures. This will help eliminate potential causes of ulnar-sided wrist discomfort during the postoperative period.