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PURPOSE To introduce Hess Lancaster screen test performed with the head tilted as a new ancillary test to help in the diagnosis of bilateral superior oblique (SO) nerve paresis. METHODS Three patients with clinical diagnosis of acquired bilateral fourth nerve paresis, three with clinical diagnosis of acquired unilateral fourth nerve paresis, and three(More)
PURPOSE The present study was developed to assess prevalence of myopic refractive error and the relative percentages of youth- and adult- onset myopia in a Caucasian adult population. METHODS Subjects were office-workers sent consecutively from their workplace for a general health check-up, without refractive selection. Each subject received a(More)
BACKGROUND Orbital cellulitis after strabismus surgery is uncommon, may cause blindness and may lead to death. Very few cases have been described in detail due to the low incidence of this complication. METHODS We report the first case of orbital cellulitis following Faden operation on the medial rectus muscle. We believe that the infection was due to(More)
PURPOSE A retrospective study was developed to evaluate risk factors in adult-onset myopia. METHODS Subjects included were 25 to 35 years old. There were 116 non-myopic subjects in the control group and 66 myopic subjects with first lens prescription at age 17 or later. Subjects received a questionnaire about academic achievement, daily hours of reading(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has found an association between family history and presence of myopia. It is possible that family history also could be related to the final amount of refractive error developed. If that were true, then family history of myopia could have predictive value for the amount of refractive error a child or young adult would develop(More)
High myopia is a major cause of uncorrectable visual impairment. It imposes major challenges and costs for refractive correction, and for the treatment of associated pathological complications. In the last 60 years, there has been a marked increase in the prevalence of high myopia in younger generations in developed countries in East and Southeast Asia, and(More)
The relationship between endometriosis and infertility is observed frequently. Patients with both conditions require a conservative approach to their management. Since hormonal therapy is one of those approaches, we sought to compare the efficacy of Danazol and Gestrinone in 80 infertile patients (48 and 32, respectively). Therapy lasted 6 months in both(More)
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