Alejandro Arias

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INTRODUCTION Congenital esotropia is a convergent deviation of the eyes when fixating on an object. It appears during the first six months of life and affects muscle structure and physiology, as well as the relation of the eyes with the environment, retinal relations and neural integration phenomena. Amblyopia develops in 30-50% of those affected. Timely(More)
Self adaptive video games are important for rehabilitation at home. Recent works have explored different techniques with satisfactory results but these have a poor use of game design concepts like Challenge and Conservative Handling of Failure. Dynamic Difficult Adjustment with Help (DDA-Help) approach is presented as a new point of view for self adaptive(More)
The knowledge of the mass of particulate matter in air, its chemical composition and emission sources is of relevance for taking decisions concerning air quality management in urban areas. The interpretation of these data is a function of the quality of the measurement results expressed by their uncertainties. This study aimed at developing models of the(More)
This paper describes the DTH system for providing subscription audio and video services in Ecuador. It enumerates the DTH services presently available in-country and provides technical details and coverage information for the satellites that these services employ. It also describes the deployment and installation of the receiving antennas for each of the(More)
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