Alejandro Araujo

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The Amazon rain forest sustains the world's highest tree diversity, but it remains unclear why some clades of trees are hyperdiverse, whereas others are not. Using dated phylogenies, estimates of current species richness and trait and demographic data from a large network of forest plots, we show that fast demographic traits--short turnover times--are(More)
The intradiscal pressure has been essential for prevent the spinal complaints by forming a basis for clinical advice to promote the correct sitting postures. As a consequence, it is evident the need of an accurate method for measure the intradiscal pressure, to better understand the disc response to hydorstatic pressure fluctuations. Numerous reviews(More)
UNLABELLED Since its identification as the causative agent of plague in 1894, thousands of Yersinia pestis strains have been isolated and stored. Here, we report the ability of Y. pestis to survive up to 47 years in agar stabs, in rubber-stoppered tubes, under refrigeration (+4 to +10°C), although overall subculture recovery rates were poor and inversely(More)
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