Alejandro Aragón-Zavala

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The performance of co-located WiMAX transmitter sites operating at 2.5 and 3.5GHz are compared, based on coverage assessments. The study showed that the 2.5GHz performed marginally better than the 3.5GHz under the same RF conditions and clutter environments. In general, the 2.5GHz was found to provide slightly better coverage at the edge of the cell, with(More)
A geometric model that describes a multipath propagation for a fixed wireless communication system between a High Altitude Platform and a fixed terrestrial user is presented. The model describes the propagation of the reflected signals that are able to reach the receiver as a consequence of all the scatterers located inside the system coverage area. The(More)
Using only measurements, an optimum solution for providing indoor coverage using distributed antennas is proposed, minimising cost, complexity and development time, as well as increasing reliability and system performance. A new technique based on distributed antennas using customised low-power inbuilding transmitters is proposed, where coverage area is(More)
The emerging communication applications such as IPTV, VoIP, infotainment, interactive games, and Internet access might dictate very high reliability and availability in future fiber access networks. We present an easy-to-use software tool, called NetExpert, designed to simplify the network planning, design and optimization processes and save valuable time(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose and evaluate a semiempirical propagation modeling for radiating cable used in indoor environments. This propagation modeling takes into consideration propagation mechanisms such as reflections, penetration loss and cable termination that result from a particular environment, as well as specific cable paths that actual(More)
In this paper, the effects of co-channel interference in a HAPS-based cellular system are analysed, comparing such effects in two frequency reuse scenarios with terrestrial systems. The CIR is evaluated for both schemes, and the HAPS-based cellular system shows significant improvements in the reduction of co-channel interference over terrestrial systems,(More)
Currently many mobile network operators estimate the local mean power without a standard, well-established procedure in indoor environments; this can generate an over dimensioning of the wireless network. In this paper, the experimental local mean power is estimated in an indoor environment and at the same time it shows the impact of the local mean power(More)
This paper presents an initial study on auto and cross correlation characteristics for sports arenas. Radio measurements undertaken at 850 MHz and 2100 MHz confirm that signals from two base stations are uncorrelated on average even at small angles. De-correlation distances are in good agreement with the literature, showing larger distances than for(More)
The emerging vehicular applications such as active safety, infotainment, interactive games, and wireless Internet access might dictate very high reliability and availability in future radio over fiber networks. This paper provides an integrated analysis of availability of the optical fiber network and the wireless network, in future radio over fiber(More)
Radio over Fiber (RoF) systems have emerged as a cost effective solution for future multigigabit wireless networks operating at millimeter wave (mm-wave) bands. Such networks are composed of three subsystems: a central station, an optical distribution network, and several remote base stations. The design of an RoF land access network is a very(More)