Alejandro Amor-Coarasa

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Rapid developments in the field of medical imaging have opened new avenues for the use of positron emitting labeled microparticles. The radioisotope used in our research was (68)Ga, which is easy to obtain from a generator and has good nuclear properties for PET imaging. Methods. Commercially available macroaggregated albumin (MAA) microparticles were(More)
Recent reports have claimed a superior performance of HEPES buffer in comparison to alternative buffer systems for (67/68) Ga labeling in aqueous media. In this paper we report spectroscopic ((1) H and (71) Ga NMR), radiochemical, mass spectrometry and theoretical modeling studies on the Ga(3+)/HEPES system (HEPES =(More)
Fast biodegradable (12 h < half-life < 48 h) radioactive labeled microspheres are needed for PET and SPECT lung perfusion and radiomicrosphere therapy planning. An emulsion method was used to create 30.1 ±4.8  μ m size range microspheres with biodegradable Chitosan glycol (CHSg). Microspheres were characterized and labeled with (99m)Tc or (68)Ga as an(More)
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