Alejandro Aceves-López

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This article propose the Natural Logic Controller (NLC) that it comes through a very important simplification of the Mamdani's Fuzzy Controller (MFC) allowing easy-design for SISO regulation problems. Usually fuzzy controllers are builds with two classical signals of process: error and error derivates. They use a moderate number of fuzzy subsets and fuzzy(More)
This paper describes a color classification technique for the color subspaces definition based in 3D reconstruction approaches. These color subspaces use implicit functions to create a bounding surface that will fit a set of characteristic color samples to define a particular color. The implicit subspace reconstruction allow to define clusters of arbitrary(More)
Many ongoing projects are being done in the field of humanoid robotics. Studies in the generation of human-like motions for humanoids based on human-motion-captured-data (HMCD) have demonstrated that this is feasible. Walking style patterns using only the ZMP concept have shown that the resulting motion of humanoids are not natural as human's motion. By(More)
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