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A model for enriching trajectories with semantic geographical information
In this paper we propose a data preprocessing model to add semantic information to trajectories in order to facilitate trajectory data analysis in different application domains. Expand
Introducing Time into RDF
The resource description framework (RDF) is a metadata model and language recommended by the W3C. Expand
Temporal RDF
The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a metadata model and language recommended by the W3C. Expand
Maintaining data cubes under dimension updates
We present a formal model of dimension updates in a multidimensional model, a collection of primitive operators to perform them, and a study of the effect of these updates on a class of materialized views, giving an algorithm to efficiently maintain them. Expand
Temporal XML: modeling, indexing, and query processing
In this paper we address the problem of modeling and implementing temporal data in XML. Expand
QB4OLAP: A new vocabulary for olap cubes on the semantic web
We show how data already published in QB can be analyzed a la OLAP using the QB4OLAP vocabulary, and vice versa. Expand
Temporal Queries in OLAP
QB4OLAP: A Vocabulary for OLAP Cubes on the Semantic Web
We propose a new vocabulary, denoted QB4OLAP, which extends QB to fully support OLAP models and operators. Expand
The Meaning of Erasing in RDF under the Katsuno-Mendelzon Approach
The basic data model for the Semantic Web is RDF. In this paper we address updates in RDF. It is known that the semantics of updates for data models becomes unclear when the model turns, evenExpand
Modeling and Querying Data Warehouses on the Semantic Web Using QB4OLAP
We extend the QB4OLAP RDF vocabulary to represent balanced, recursive, ragged hierarchies, and many-to-many hierarchies. Expand